i love it: winter 18 puffer coats


Hey merbabes! When temperatures start to drop the first thing I do is figure out my winter coat strategy. Coats are truly the best part of winter, and when you live in Chi they are essential to lasting through the season. In past years (when I was young + bratty(er than I am now)) the words “I would rather die than wear a puffy coat” have for sure come out of my mouth but I’m predicting a fresh puffer will be the hottest piece of the season, and I am already stocking up.

I’ve gathered a dozen puffers that will get you all the way from October to April. Trust me you’ll need all of them. Throw your puffer over pair of baggy jeans and sneakers or over track pants and sneakers cause lets be real no one’s about to pull out any other shoe this winter.

Stay cute and cozy bbs.

Dani McGowan