freezing myself: cryobar + the benefits of cryotherapy


I'm no shame one of those people who will try anything in the wellness sphere, as a dancer my body does so much for me, any way I can honor it, I'm in.  Cryotherapy has been on my radar for it's long list of benefits ranging from muscle repair to calorie burn so I knew I had to try it out for myself.  

I decided to try out the cryobar, a chicago based cryotherapy spa with locations in Lincoln Park + Bucktown.  I was super excited when I walked in to a chic interior and was greeted by the founder Sara.  Sara is a former dancer so she totally got my tragically long list of ailments and past injuries.  She talked me through her experience with cryotherapy as well as the benefits I would receive myself, I was ready to freeze!


I was led to a changing room where I swapped my #ootd for a robe, thick socks, and slippers.  When you step into the cryosauna, or freezer as I like to think of it, be prepared to swap out your robe for a pair of mittens.  Naked with knee socks and mittens is a super hot look for this season, don't worry.  You stay in the freezer for about two to three minutes.  There is a technician in the room with you who will quickly become your bff.  I am not one for small talk but when your booty goes numb you quickly want someone to chat with.  I had a pretty easy time in the machine and only really felt the intense cold the last minute to 30 seconds.  After I got out of the freezer I did a localized treatment on my ankle.  Double the freeze, double the fun right?!


After my treatment I felt great, I immediately felt a rush of endorphins similar to leaving your favorite workout class. Plus, the ankle that is alwaysssss swollen was the size of my other ankle!  Not only does cryotherapy reduce inflammation, it also jumpstarts the healing process by constricting the blood vessels in your extremities and forcing blood back to your core, where it gets oxygenated and filled with proteins.  When you exit the freezer your blood cells open up and that enriched, highly oxygenated blood rushes throughout your body.  Leaving your feeling like a whole new babe.  

Although I am not one who is super concerned with weight loss or calorie burn, but a single session burns anywhere from 500-800 calories, during the process of your body warming itself back up, and is great for boosting metabolism.  Another benefit I experienced after my session was my skin on my face was super calm with very little redness and bumpiness.  Although your head is above the machine the anti-inflammatory powers of cryotherapy will reach your face!

With all that being said I am low-key obsessed with cryobar + cryotherapy, and have been back multiple times.  You can pop in and out in less than 30 minutes and feel brand new.  Plus with this summer heat who doesn't need to chill out?

Dani McGowan