inside nike air society: photo diary

Hey merbabes!  If you've been follow along on instagram, which I know you have, you've been a part of my five week journey with Nike Air Society and probably think you've seen and heard it all.  You're wrong, you haven't seen it all or heard it all so lets get started.

If you're wondering how to snag any of the nike pieces I have been rocking lately, I have them all linked in the widget below.

Before I jump into week one I want to just mention how cool of an opportunity this was and how blessed I feel to be chosen as one of 20 women in this group.  To be very honest the thought of me in a group of 20 other women terrified me a little, girls can be mean and scary, but I had such an amazing and inspiring experiencing getting to know everyone and made some pretty cool friends.

Week 1:  The experience kicked off with a lunch at Little Goat Diner and a goal setting workshop.  It was a really inspiring lunch and the positive energy in the room was contagious.  We set goals, as well as did some journaling and shared our responses with the person next to us and later with the group.  After our goal setting session we hung out on the rooftop and snapped lots of photos for the gram.

Week 2: This honestly may have been my favorite week, we met at trunk club for a 'styling session' for our airmax 270s but it really was so much more.  We were paired with stylists who pulled a combination of nike + not nike pieces for us to style with our shoes.  I naturally gravitated towards the sporty, yellow romper and pink jean jacket (above) as well as an all-white nike set.  Once we chose our looks we got our hair and makeup done and had our photos taken! Basically my dream night.  

Week 3:  This was no joke.  The squad met up at The Edge Athletes Lounge on a 90 degree Friday evening for a run and recovery session.  I am not a runner, but am extremely competitive so you know I was pushing myself through the heat to be at the front of the group.  After our run on the 606, I was the first one to jump into an ice bath (again competitive) to cool down and help my muscles recover.  

Week 4:  Rooftop training session and meditation, count me in.  This was definitely the most aesthetically pleasing workout I have ever done, I mean check out that view.  After our training session we hopped on a trolley (!!) and went over to chill for a meditation.  I love meditating on my own but a meditation led by a great instructor always gives me a total reset.  

20180619 - Festival Fit - Loew's Rooftop and Chill Chicago-104.jpg

Week 5: The final week!  We met up for a yoga class and then went over to scratch goods for masks! Basically this week was my everyday life so I was totally in my element.  

20180627 - Festival Fit - Morgan's on Fulton and Scratch Goods-161.jpg

This five week journey was a blast and you can literally our connection as a group grow throughout the journey.  Plus I went from a blonde to a pink haired person, confidence boost much?

Dani McGowan