say goodbye to puffy eyes: massage away inflammation


Hey merbabes! The queen of puffy eyes here.  Whether I over-indulged on dairy (aka ate a single piece of cheese pizza) or sobbed over a minor inconvenience, my eyes always show it the next morning. I’m talking nearly swollen shut, and you all know I’m not about to leave my house looking like that. I’ve put together a pretty great (IMHO) selection of go-to de-puffers from facial massage tools to ice treatments to products.

Below I'm sharing my favorite tips, tricks + tools on for ditching morning puffiness + facial inflammation. All for under $25 and some for free.

Under $25

Jade Roller

This is my OG facial tool. I’ve been jade rolling nearly two years now which is no where close to how long this asian beauty tool has been around but its important for my ego to note I was on this train far before its recent trend status.

My jade roller lives in my freezer, I pull her out every morning for a refreshing and cooling massage sesh. Work your jade roller in outward and upward motions to aid in lymphatic drainage and increased circulation. Work gently outward under your eyes, and under your brow bone. My lids are where I tend to get the puffiest so I like to hit those spots first.

Jade Roller, Scratch Goods. $25

Gua Sha

The gua sha is a newer addition to my facial massage lineup but has been taking over my jade roller’s top spot. Think the jade roller 2.0. The gua sha provides more concentrated pressure as you glide its rounded edges along the contours of your face.

I keep this tool in my freezer next to my jade roller, I use it on mornings when I’m feeling extra puffy and don’t think my jade roller will cut it. Apply a face oil before using so your face is nice and slippery, you don’t want to be pulling on your skin. Work from the center of your face, always moving upwards and outwards. I like using the concave, inside edge along my jawline and under my cheeks bones. I feel like I’m giving myself a face lift every time I use it. I use the top rounded edges under my eyes and under my brow bones to help flush out fluids and detox under the surface.

Gua Sha, Scratch Goods. $15

Eye Butter

Scratch Goods’ Dark Matter Coffee Eye Butter is my favorite skincare product I’ve ever used. Coffee is rich in caffeine and acids that are great for tightening, brightening and toning the skin. This eye butter is infused with coffee making the ultimate treatment for brightening dark under-eye circles, as well as reducing overall inflammation around the eye.

I use this product every morning before I gua sha or jade roll, and nightly at the end of my skincare routine. In the morning, I take a generous scoop onto my ring finger and gently dab about my eye area. At night, I usually start by applying around my eyes then end up smearing the butter over my entire face. Its just so good!

Dark Matter Coffee Eye Butter, Scratch Goods. $22

Under Eye Gels

Looking for something more hands-free? I always have a jar of eye gels in my fridge. Pop them on in the morning or while you’re working on your laptop. These are perfect for long days spent at home staring at a screen. The cool temps will bring down inflammation under-eyes and the gels are coated with different ingredients typically for tightening and toning delicate, under-eye skin.

Gold and Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch, Choc Choc. $20

Ice Mask

I used to do this one pretty often but TBH I don’t love freezing my eyeballs off, so I stopped. If freezing your eyeballs sounds like something you would be into, keep an eye mask, typically filled with little gel beads that hold temperature, in your freezer. First thing in the morning ice for 10-15 minutes then remove mask, you should notice a quick decrease in inflammation surrounding your eyes.

Gel Bead Eye Mask, Target. $9


Frozen Tea Bags

After you make yourself a nice, soothing cup of tea, stick your tea bag in the freezer. Gather them up in a container in the freezer and have on hand for puffy mornings. When you are ready to use, remove two tea bags from the freezer and place over eyes. They are the perfect size and will sit right on your eye area to help bring down inflammation, plus the caffeine and antioxidants found in tea will nourish, tighten and brighten the eye area.


Going for a walk, run or flowing through so yoga sequences will get your circulation going and aid in draining the fluids in your face. Movement aids in movement!

Hope your feeling inspired to say goodbye to puffy eyes for good because you deserve better.

Dani McGowan